Six Short Pieces

For Solo Baritone Saxophone or Bassoon

Duration: 6 minutes

Spencer Wilson (bassoon): Six Short Pieces for solo bassoon Six Short Pieces for solo bassoon

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These six one-minute pieces were each originally written for another instrument and were adapted in 2014 for baritone Saxophone.

  1. Chesapeake Gambol
  2. Peregrination
  3. Sunlight on Quaking Aspen
  4. America
  5. Sailor Birds
  6. Rollick & Romp

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Sheet music for Six Short Pieces is available:

Performance History

Premier performance by Spencer Wilson, bassoon, on February 6, 2019, at Irons Recital Hall, Arlington, Texas.

October 26, 2023, premier performance on baritone saxophone by Christopher Crutchfield at the Performing Arts Center, Jonesboro, Arkansas.