Sunlight on Quaking Aspen

For Solo Clarinet or Solo Flute

Duration: 1 minute

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SUNLIGHT ON QUAKING ASPEN was composed in 2014 for Diego Vasquez.

Purchase Sheet Music

Sheet music for Sunlight on Quaking Aspen for CLARINET is available from Art of Sound Music.

Sheet music for Sunlight on Quaking Aspen for FLUTE is available from J.W.Pepper and from SheetMusicPlus.

Performance History - Clarinet

World premiere September 25, 2016, by Luca Luciano at the American Cathedral in Paris, France.

January 30, 2017, by Luca Luciano at the Trinity College Music Society, Cambridge University, UK.

Performance History - Flute

World premiere November 6, 2016, by Iwona Glinka in Athens, Greece.

North American premiere May 7, 2017, by Joshua Romatowski on the First Sundays Concert Series at the Waterfront Park Community Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington.