from the Ramparts

For Brass Quintet

Duration: 1 minute

Now Available on CD recorded by Houston Brass Quintet

Tigerland Brass Quintet: Stargazing from the Ramparts Stargazing from the Ramparts

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Stargazing from the Ramparts was composed in 2014 for the Nautilus Brass Quintet in response to their call for scores for the 15 Minutes of Fame program. They gave the premiere performance on the Vox Novus Composers Voice Concert Series at the Jan Hus Church, New York, on June 29, 2014.

Tigerland Brass Quintet won the 2016 Burke & Bagley Prize for their outstanding video of Stargazing from the Ramparts. The international panel of judges also awarded Houston Brass Quintet Second Place, and the Artissimo Brass Quintet of Hungary received Third Place. View the award-winning videos above.

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Sheet music for Stargazing from the Ramparts is available from Art of Sound Music.

Performance History

Premiere performance June 29, 2014, by the Nautilus Brass Quintet at the Jan Hus Church, New York.

July 10, 2015, by Temporal Brass Quintet at the Fine Arts Building in Chicago.

March 6, 2016, by The BrassIER Quintet at the Iglesia de San Blas, Valencia, Venezuela.

March 23, 2016, by The BrassIER Quintet at the Cathedral in Valencia, Venezuela.

February 16, 2018, by The Houston Brass Quintet at the Texas Music Educators Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.