On the Ground Where We Live

For full orchestra (1111 — 3321 — tmp+2 — Str)

Duration: ca. 10 minutes

Czech Philharmonic: On the Ground Where We Live 4-minute excerpt from On the Ground Where We Live

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This work for orchestra in one movement was composed in 2005. The piece evokes the sense of walking through the community of an old town or city, where new sights and experiences are discovered around each corner. We sense a generally benign social-political environment in which individuals and small groups may interact harmoniously, although at times the world becomes ominous or chaotic. Individual voices are at turns confident, reflective, insistent or celebratory. As the ensemble builds, we may be entering a popular plaza. When the crowd gets too boisterous, we follow a pair of individual voices as they retreat for refuge in a quiet passage, but soon the larger forces return and build to a climatic conclusion.

ERM Media awarded On the Ground Where We Live the Masterworks Prize. The work was recorded by the Czech Philharmonic in October 2005 for Volume 10 of the Masterworks of the New Era CD series. Buy the CD here.

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Sheet music for On the Ground Where We Live is available from J.W.Pepper and from Sheet Music Plus.

Performance History

Premiered February 10, 2007, by the University of Central Missouri Orchestra, Warrensburg, Missouri, directed by Dr. John P. Rutland.

February 25, 2017, by the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville at Manifest Distilling, Jacksonville, Florida.

February 26, 2017, by the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville at the Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville, Florida.