Audio Collages

      Waiting on Dorothy Waiting on Dorothy (2010)

      Nye Beach Nye Beach (2010)

      We Two Boys We Two Boys (2008): An excerpt from the string quartet accompaniment to Red Cherry Lark

No! George! No! (2005)

Inspired by John Adams' brilliant early work, Christian Zeal and Activity.

      No! George! No! Original 1-minute version of No! George! No!, selected for the 60x60 Project and released on CD on the 60x60 (2004/2005) Project CD.

      No! George! No! Extended 3-minute version of No! George! No!, created for a film by ForeignAmerican Pictures.

CDZabu Collaboration (2006)

These five audio collages were created through a collaboration of the CDZabu Collective and Vox Novus. A team of five composers from all over the world each contributed one of five layers to each of five pieces. The finished pieces from the entire project may be heard at the CDZabu website. The team that created Da Vinci Downtown (Under the Volcano) included David Newby, b.p.-y.m., mikev, Antonino Cuscina and Greg Bartholomew. Bartholomew created the final layer for this piece, which included the opening harp, clarinet and keyboard sounds. Collaborators on all five tracks included: b.p.-y.m., Dr. Chnolles, mikev, snvl, Rob Voisey, Greg Bartholomew, Antonino Cuscina, Larry Gaab, David Morneau, David Newby, John Saylor and Jane Wang.

      Spidered Sidewalks of Glam Spidered Sidewalks of Glam

      Voltaire's Underwear Voltaire's Underwear - Reason without Rhyme

      Da Vinci Downtown Da Vinci Downtown (Under the Volcano)

      Descent into Chaos Descent into Chaos

      Mr. Glitch Meets Glitchbot Mr. Glitch Meets Glitchbot

Extracts from the CDZabu Project

These tracks are Greg Bartholomew's contributions to the CDZabu Project recordings above.

      Glass Spider Glass Spider

      Voltaire Rhythm Track Voltaire Rhythm Track

      Da Vinci Keyboards Da Vinci Keyboards

      Descent into the Bassline Descent into the Bassline

      Glitchbot Strings Glitchbot Strings

Downtown Atlantis on Vox Novus 60x60 Dance