Summer Suite

James Ackley
& the Palmetto Camerata

Beneath the Apple Tree

Ovidiu Marinescu
& Kim Trolier

String Trio
for George Crumb

The Langroise Trio

On the Ground
Where We Live

Czech Philharmonic

First Suite from Razumov

Kiev Philharmonic

The Tree

The Esoterics

Rollick & Romp

Suzanne Mueller

From the
Odes of Solomon

Ars Brunensis Chorus

The 21st Century
(A Girl Born in Afghanistan)

Connecticut Choral Artists

No! George! No!

Vox Novus

Summer Suite
recorded by James Ackley with the Palmetto Camerata

Internationally acclaimed solo trumpet artist James Ackley has been hailed a "one of the best trumpet players in the world." For Ackley's CD of New American Works for Trumpet, recorded with the Palmetto Camerata, composer Greg Bartholomew made a special arrangement of Summer Suite, combining the piano and string quartet accompaniments.

The American Record Guide proclaimed Ackley "absolutely amazing," and calls Summer Suite "a most attractive work. Especially enjoyable are the warm and rich sounds by both trumpet and quartet." Writing in the International Trumpet Guild journal, John Falskow says: "This is largely lyric music, both lovely and poetic, ... The open and soaring melodies remind this reviewer of Copland and Hovhaness."

Other works featured on this CD include The Girl in White by Robert J. Bradshaw and Sonata for Trumpet & Piano by Gordon (Dick) Goodwin.


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The Tree
recorded by The Esoterics

Dedicated to Richard Hutter, The Tree is Bartholomew's setting of verses by American transcendental poet Jones Very (1813 - 1880). It was composed at the 2003 Oxford Summer Institute at Lehigh, was premiered in 2004 by the American University Chamber Singers, and was named a finalist by an international panel of judges for the composition prize at the Seghizzi International Choral Festival in Gorizia, Italy, in 2010. In 2012, The Tree won the Silver Platter repertoire award by the editor of the ChoralNet Composition Showcase. Graceful, elegant, and technically embraceable without the trappings of the ordinary, the smoothness of Bartholomew's phrases reflects the strophic ease of Very's verdant ode.

Other works featured on The Esoterics' Sylvana CD include trees by Lars Johan Werle, Due North by Stephen Chatman, Twelve Flowers by Eric Banks, Sphragis by Heinrich Poos, and Trois chansons by Maurice Ravel.

Available from The Esoterics

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Beneath the Apple Tree
recorded by Kim Trolier & Ovidiu Marinescu

Navona Records has included Beneath the Apple Tree on their CD titled MOTO PERPETUO, a collection of moving works for cello. Featuring ten pieces intimately performed by cellist Ovidiu Marinescu, this album proves the cello's ability to connect the slow and brooding with the meditative and joyous, and beyond. Other works featured on this CD include:

Three Pieces for Solo Cello by Andrew March
Dance Suite for Violin & Cello by Alan Beeler
One Good Turn Deserves Another by Alan Beeler
Variations on Re-Do-Mi by Alan Beeler
Divertimiento for Strings by Bill Sherrillh
Sonata for Cello & Piano by Arthur Gottschalk
Adirondack Meditation by Nicholas Anthony Ascioti

Available from Amazon

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Rollick & Romp
recorded by Suzanne Mueller

Suzanne Mueller included Rollick & Romp on her CD titled SOLITAIRE, an eclectic collection of works for solo cello (plus a duet and a cello quartet) covering an emotional range from contemplative reflection through exuberant abandon, including several premieres. Other works featured on this CD include:

Cl'Oud by Jimmy Pigott
Sarabande from Suite No. 5 in C Minor by J.S. Bach
Gigue from Suite No. 5 in C Minor by J.S. Bach
Sunday Morning Variations by Rick Sowash
Ruthenian Kokomejka by Bela Bartok
Bitter Tears by Barbara Bach Sternberg
Funeral for a Ball by Douglas DaSilva

Step by Step by Nicholas Chen McConnell
Solitaire: Theme and Variations by Carol Worthey
Matthias's Walk by J. P. Redmond
Prelude from Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello by Lawrence Kramer
Milestone by Bettie Ross
Time and Tide (Benediction) by David Wolfson

Available from CD Baby

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String Trio for George Crumb
recorded by the Langroise Trio

Established in 1991 with a gift from arts patron Gladys Langroise, the Langroise Trio are Artists-in-residence at The College of Idaho, where they form the string faculty: Geoffrey Trabichoff, violin; David Johnson, viola; and Samuel Smith, cello. Greg Bartholomew's String Trio for George Crumb was commissioned by the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium in 2004 in honor of American composer George Crumb on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Other works featured on this CD include:

Serenata #2 in D Major by Bohuslav Martinu
Suite en Trio de Cordes by Pierre Max Dubois
The Isle of Bathos by David Alan Earnest
To the Wandering Hero of Distant Lands by Jim Corkey


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On the Ground Where We Live
recorded by the Czech Philharmonic

On the Ground Where We Live, Greg Bartholomew's first work for full orchestra, was awarded the Masterworks Prize by ERM Media, and was recorded by the Czech Philharmonic for Volume 10 of the Masterworks of the New Era CD series.

Other works featured on this 2-CD set include: Concert Fanfare by Richard M. Audd, Oscha by David Witmer, Concerto for Orchestra by David P. Sartor, Three Interludes by Michael Horwood, Elegy by L. John Ernst, sneaky by Michael Sidney Timpson, Trilce Poem XXXII by Marianella Machado, Arrogance & Fear by Demetrios Katis, Cloudburst by Christina Rusnak, Vakha by Edward Bogushevsky, The Cynic's Demise from Symphony for Strings by John Celentano, Millennium Fanfare by Samuel O. Douglas, Hok-Lo Mah Psalm of the Hok-Lo Taiwanesse Grandmother by Chihchun Chi-sun Lee, Rush from Time by Daniel P. Wade, AAncient Sacrament for the Organic Machine by Paul Kwo, Sacred Prelude for String Quintet by Jonathan Little, Semper Fi Fanfare by Ronald J. Williams, American Hymn by Nancy Bloomer Deussen, Three Dances from Chaco Canyon by Michael Mauldin, Danza: El que Bailo con el Diablo by R. A. Moulds, and DNR by Jason V. Barabba.

2-CD set for $18

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Now available for download on iTunes

Suite from Razumov featured on
Masterworks of the New Era CD series

Greg Bartholomew's Suite from Razumov, for clarinet and string quartet, is featured on Volume 6 of the Masterworks of the New Era CD series created by ERM Media. The piece was recorded by members of the Kiev Philharmonic especially for this CD.

Other works featured on this 2-CD set include: Delphi: Symphonic Metamorphoses on the Delphic Hymn of Athenaios, 128 B.C. by Mark Edward Wilson, Landward by Paula Jaspersen Diehl, The Night Copies Me in All Its Stars by Alan Shockley, Wisom Fanfare by Sherry Woods, The Wild Swans at Coole by Paul Johnson, Music of the Mountain Air by Michael Mauldin, Lewis & Clark: A Symphonic Poem by Leigh Baxter, Meditation for String Orchestra by Eleanor Sandresky, Morning Star Rising by Steve Kornicki, Sanctus by Chris Bowman, Fanfare for the 21st Century by Dagobert Pfeiffer, and Concerto for Alto Saxophone & String Orchestra by Howard Feldsher.

2-CD set for $16

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From the Odes of Solomon
featured on Society of Composers CD

Greg Bartholomew's three choral settings From the Odes of Solomon, as recorded by the Ars Brunensis Chorus, are featured on Mood Shifts, released by Capstone Records as CD #21 in the Society of Composers CD series.

Other works featured on this CD:

Blue by Bruce Mahin
Prelude: Dissent by Per Bloland
Witchcraft Recipes no. 9 and 9b by Alejandro Rutty
Chansons Innocentes II by Grace Choi
Hollow Ground II by Tom Lopez
Seven Deadly Sins by Charles Argersinger.


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The original No! George! No!

This 2-CD set includes the sixty-second original version of No! George! No!, as well as all sixty selections for the Vox Novus 60x60 Project for both 2004 and 2005.

The 60x60 (2005) Project includes sixty one-minute pieces by Liana Alexandra, Kenneth Babb, Christopher Bailey, Greg Bartholomew, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Eve Beglarian, Steven Betts, Benjamin Bierman, John Biggs, Scott Brickman, George Brunner, Paul Burnell, Julian Cartwright, David Claman, Paul Clouvel, Douglas Cohen, Andrew Cormier, Noah Creshevsky, Richard Donnelly, Aaron Drake, Travis Ellrott, Lisa Gasior, Doug Geers, Bob Gluck, David Gunn, David Hamill, David, Justin Handford, Freeman, Marihiko Hara, Erdem Helvacioglu, Michael John Hopkins, Gary Knudson, Myroslava Lashkevych, John Link, Stan Link, Tom Lopez, Don Malone, Mike McFerron, Leslie Melcher, Polly Moller, Curt Nordgaard, Rodney Oakes, Cezary Ostrowski, Ronald Parks, Alexis Perepelcia, Kevin Ponto, Mark Rose, Heike Schmidt, Alex Shapiro, Martin Simon, Kenneth Steen, Peter Swanzy, Mike Swinchoski, Agnes Szelag, Piotr Szewczyk, Vladimir Tosic, Rene Veron, Straiph Wilson, Katrina Wreede, Peter Wyer, and Ensemble Ordinature with the miriacale ensemble.

The 60x60 (2004) Project features sixty one-minute pieces by Riad Abdel-Gawd, Aaron Acosta, Liana Alexandra, John Allemeier , Christian Banasik , Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Stephen Betts, Sandeep Bhagwati, Justin Breame, Scott Brickman, George Brunner, Robert Carl, Miha Ciglar, David Claman Douglas Cohen, Noah Creshevsky, Leslie de Melcher, Patrick Dorobisz , Moritz Eggert, Karlheinz Essl, Carlo Forlivesi, David Gamper, Douglas Geers, Peter Gilbert, Robert Gluck, Daniel Goode, Ramon Gorgoitia, James Hegarty, Mark Henry, Erik Hinds, Bernand Hughes, David Jaggard, Keith Johnson, Michael Kinney, John Link, David T. Little, Guy Livingston, Annea Lockwood, Juan Maria Solare, Charles Mason, James McWilliam, Luis Menacho, David Mooney, Michael Murphy , Serban Nichifor, Richard O'Donnell, Maggi Payne, Mark Petering, Morgan Quaintance, Giuseppe Rapisarda , Laura & Andrew Reid & Hodson, Robert Sazdov, Jacky Schreiber, Alex Shapiro, Emma Shiffrin, Allen Strange, Thomas Sutter, Vladimir Tosic, Eldad Tsabary, and Robert Voisey.

2-CD set for $18

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The 21st Century (A Girl Born in Afghanistan)
recorded by Connecticut Choral Artists

Greg Bartholomew's setting of excerpts from Kofi Annan's Nobel Peace Prize lecture, The 21st Century (A Girl Born in Afghanistan), is included on this wonderful CD by Concora (Connecticut Choral Artists) entitled "Songs & Stories of Liberation."

Available from Concora

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